As you can see, the game is still in an early stage of development but I have ambitions for it to become a fun game to play!

Game will be released as chapters (explanations can be found here) so that you will have a coherent experience. What follows will be the very long term goal and you will have a say on what you want to see implemented : )

I’d like to let you play almost anyone in the world and emulate lots of interactions so you can expect to see :

  • More graphics
  • Skills
  • Profession branches
    • Faith
    • Order
    • Thug
    • Nature
    • Entertainment
    • Overall, something like 30 classes
  • Fights
    • based on resistance/weakness (similar to the resistance mechanism of Tales Of series).
    • multiple ways to win a battle : weapons, magic, seduction, will coercion
    • Team fights
  • Relationships
    • interactions with other npcs
      • foe
      • friend
      • lover
    • special relationships
      • have a pet/slave
      • have a master
    • Actions with them to improve/decrease stats
    • Special perks (like living in the master’s house…)
  • Crafting
    • Based on recipes you will buy or find
    • Need components which can be bought, looted or found
  • Cooking
    • Let us get all around the table and eat a meal!
    • You will get special effects
  • Real estate- Safe place
    • Buying and selling houses
    • Rooms dedicated to specific actions or professions
      • For training fantastic (or not) creatures (minotaur/satyre/dogs…)
      • Dungeons to coerce people to your will
      • Workshop to craft/paint/compose
  • Exploration
    • Area & dungeon exploration
  • New cities
    • Interaction between cities

This set of features is not ordered by priority.
I am aware it is a very consequent one and not yet well defined but I really hope I will be able to go through it with your help.
The common theme will be kinks and professions and new gameplay will be introduced by new professions or updates for existing one.