I will populate this section with questions I receive. Feel free to ask me anything, I will answer to all : )

Double-clicking on naohr.bat does not start the game

Verifying java version

The game need java version 8, so to be sure you have the right one do as following (if you have linux, I guess you know how to check it) :

  • Press windows key
  • Type “cmd” then enter
  • Type “java -version” then enter
  • You should see java 1.8 or java 8.
    If it is not the case, then you need to install the newest version of java. I do not know if you are familiar with java but you can check http://www.wikihow.com/Install-Java to see how to install it.

Verifying game version

If you have the right version of java, then you can do the following :

  • Downloading again the game.
  • Sending me the file called general.log so that I can look into the issue.

Other solutions

App as administrator

  • Try running the app as administrator (while shift pressed, right click on the naohr.bat file then execute as admin).

Using the command prompt

  • in the root directory of the game, press shift then right click somewhere empty.
    Select the option about the command prompt.
  • Type “java -Dlogback.configurationFile=resources/logback.xml -jar naor-app.jar” without the quotes then press enter.
  • Game should try to start. If it does not, you can send me a screenshot of the displayed error.
  • If it starts and crashes, you can send me the file called general.log located at the root directory of the game.

Using the command prompt as administrator

  • Press windows key then type “cmd”.
  • Right-click on the application that should show up and “execute as administrator” then type “cd /path/to/game/directory”.
  • You can easily find the path by opening the explorer, navigating to the root directory of the game and selecting the complete path displayed in the bar at the top of the window.
  • Type “java -Dlogback.configurationFile=resources/logback.xml -jar naor-app.jar”

The game crashes after a second

In the log file, if you are seeing an error like :


You might have some dependencies incompatibility with Jackson library on your java installation. You can check the CLASSPATH variable and see if it brings Jackson itself. If this is the case, you could reset the library to . which is the default value.


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