Naohr is dead, Long live Naohr

Yet another kinky game being canceled. Yup'. That's true. Naohr is joining the long trail of aborted adult games. I am sure it will meet a lot of nice friends in the kinky Valhalla. Jokes aside, I am sad, but I am feeling it is for the best. I had great expectations (yes, far too… Continue reading Naohr is dead, Long live Naohr


Booty shake

Hello dear players! Here come the release 0.4.7 titled "Booty Shake". You might have noticed it while playing Naohr, there was a new entertainment place for dancer amateurs. Well, you will be able to serve there as a slave with the brand new Lend mechanism. I won't reexplain everything I told in the Activity report… Continue reading Booty shake