Symposium’s aftermath

Firstly I’d like to welcome Josh and Boku into our growing community. Do not forget to check the discord server and the code section since you are now patrons of the game : )

Thanks to you all we almost finish the first tier! Well, that’s something!

For this weekly release, I get a lot of bugs report which were pretty embarrassing I fixed them. Now the UI behaves correctly when you do not have enough money to buy a room, there is no quest failed toaser displayed at each beginning of a new turn, and when your inventory is full, you do not lose your items anymore if you get one after an event.

I added a butt plug (as always, The Slippery Slip is the place to go…) and 4 new events to the game which will let (force?) you become a slave. They happen after you finish the Symposium event. There is one sex variant if you use your stamina. I won’t say more than that 😛

For those who did not finish the Symposium (be it success or fiasco), other events will let you become a slave in later version.

So what about the Slave extension? Well, you will be able to see a bit of the UI, which is still under progress but I can already explain how it will work.

Basically each day will be divided into four parts : morning, lunch + dinner time, afternoon, and early night.

During morning you will have unsupervised duty. You will be able to do chores, relax (careful with that…) or socialize with other NPC and later, once your master lift your restrictions, will be able to go into town (supervised or unsupervised).

This period is really important because you will be able to improve/reduce your scold and stress score. If your scold score is too high, you will feel your master’s anger (and maybe end up in the dungeon). If your stress is too high, you will end up in the infirmary. Chores will reduce scold score but will increase stress. Relaxing will reduce stress but might increase scold score… Well, you see the pattern, you will have to pick your actions carefully.

During lunch/dinner time, you will eat what you deserve. Sooo… You have another reason to be careful with your scold score, your addictions (don’t spend your time under the table…) and your socialization.

During afternoon, your master will ask you to perform tasks, or if you are in an institution you might be lent to customers. Here you will be able to choose the behavior you want to adopt. You can play it nicely or try to resist.

Finally, during the early night period, you will have special events.

If you have feedback or thoughts about that, I would be more than happy to read you!

I received your messages Ashe, James, 2, Dave, Osa and all the other anonymous players! Seems like the messaging system is working but there was not any content, too bad! I reworked the popup as I suppose it was not intended sending a message. Maybe the cross was not big enough in the top right corner. Now you have another button to close this popup.

Finally, thanks “some Guy” for your in-game text correction : )

That’s all for today, see you later!


2 thoughts on “Symposium’s aftermath”

  1. Think I may have run into a game-breaking bug. When I choose to do body work in the red light district, the blue velvet screen shows the main screen options (“go to work”, “Home” etc.) instead of its own. The Home screen does this also, but only after doing body work. Before that it shows the correct options.


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