First slave milestone

Hello dear all!

On the menu for this week you will be able to get two new skills which should greatly ease the persuasion mini-game (you can find them in the trait view under the “General” tab), two items that increase beauty and charisma and the Symposium quest (done to 60%) that should simplify the “implicit” Symposium quest. I also fixed the scrolling issue on large text, some highlight focus on in-game messaging popup and some trouble saving the settings.

Like previous weeks, I dedicated my time implementing the Slave extension. It will be more than just a profession with few special actions and traits. The data infrastructure and the core restriction mechanism are implemented in their first version. For the moment the PC can become a slave after a special event but that’s hidden for now as there is no gameplay. The restrictions will be applied on the inventory (dress code & consumables), the room (decoration), the money usage and supervised trip. Hopefully next week there will be a very simple version to show!

I’d like to thank Ladyhei, CrowWolf and Altoar(thanks for the text correction by the way!) for joining the Naohr Community! I am glad to have you here! Thanks to your pledges, the monthly commission is on its way. I am still trying to get someone writing stories but… well, the freelancer met unexpected impediments. Wait & See.

Finally, I’d like to thank Tiberis for the typo fix. I am glad to see players using the in-game messaging feature 🙂

That’s all for today, see you later for more kinky stuff!


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