The Lykanoi Tribe

Hello !
For this week’s release you will discover a new notification system. New quests, states and other various information will happen there instead of the top bar. I am trying to make the UI a bit more fancy and truth to be told, that’s not an easy thing for me!
The main content of this release are two quests :
  • Sylvian quest which will let you discover his village.
  • Prostitute mastering quest which should be enough to prevent you from being stuck in the aforementioned profession.
And that’s all for new content & gameplay. That’s not much but the slave profession is the big thing, isn’t it?
Last week I was speaking about data, design and how everything will fit together into the game. Well, the data structure is good enough for a trial, I will start implementing slave foundation : )
Now let’s talk about our community a bit! I am glad to welcome Kts, Mitchel and Glocknar! Thanks a lot! If you have any inquiry or feedback, feel free to contact me! : )

Bug & all :
  • Starting clothes were not picked correctly.
  • Incorrect item selection when equipping a room.
  • Thanks to Altoar, one text is now better!
(2 and fff : I received your message! : )



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