Quest & all

Good day to you!
Here comes the release of the week!
Loading time should be shorter (I get -20% on my computer). I reworked the modal frames so that you can completely play the game in full screen mode (there is a small transition on opening/closing, tell me what you think of it!) and I added the Quest screen. “At last” some might say! Now you will have a convenient way to follow the different quests which already exist. Bad news is I have some work to do to write those quests now that everything is explicit and the UI needs some polish.
Next matter is slavery. Design continues. I have a good idea of what the slave will do and now I am working on how to represent it in the game. I am defining the core mechanism which are involved, data structure and how to correctly plug it to the existing stuff. You can already expect :
a new home mechanism to handle you being in an institution or in a master’s house.
restriction mechanism in the city (not able to speak, work, choose how to dress… I sense some exhib’ fetish here).
some kind of a relationship mechanism with the master at least. It could be great to go a bit further and think about other NPCs but I will see how long it will take before doing it.
By the way, artwork of the month is done. You can discover it in the rich district.
If a good samaritan has skills in designing UI (or just knows how to draw fancy UI) and wish to help, please, pm me!
Finally, I kept the best for the end, I’d like to thank Minibw, Dan, Jed and GMan for joining the community. You are awesome!
As a side note, now that the project has more money, I am speaking with freelancers to see if they could write stories for the game.
I won’t lie to you, I am seeing your pledges as a tremendous way of adding content to the game : I can focus on design and prog, you can have great artwork and nice stories : )


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