Bera & Sernat

Hello dear players!

As usual, here comes the weekly release. I fixed a lot of bugs (thanks to Kaladort, PhantomBull and Samemax) which are detailed at the end of the post. Moreover you will be able to see the brand new calendar with events tied to moons and important days. Basically I can introduce periodic events. For now you will be able to enjoy few events in the farm if you go there during full moon/moons (yup, I wanted to have a world with two moons. The more the merrier! Hence Bera and Sernat). If you are wondering why I needed to do that, then I can reassure you. I’d like to add a Quest screen and events from the calendar will be tied to events from quests.
You will also be able to witness another event with Sylvian, the wolfman in the farm and there is a Curiosity class at the university.

For the community part, I’d like to welcome and thank Mike and Profit for joining the Naohr community. I am super-glad to have you here : ) Feel free to pm me or share your thoughts about this game and what you want to see in it!

About the next big profession, which is slave, I am pretty sure not all of you is looking for non-consent focused profession so there will be two paths: depravity and servitude. You can expect abuse & lot of non consent in the first one.
I am still working on it but I can already tell you there will be multiple way of being a slave. I want it to be out of necessity, be it because of a crime, drug addiction, abduction or shear slutiness.
The first way is being a slave to an institution. You will have chores, interactions with other slaves, supervisors and you will be lent to customers. There will be two ends : high depravity, or supervisor. Your actions will help you going into one of those two directions. You can already expect something if you fail the Symposium.
The second way is being a slave to someone. The end game is freedome (to stay with your master, or leaving) or game over. You will have to build your relationship with your master.
As you can see, one is focused on personal progression, the other one on someone in particular.

Finally, commission for the month is on its way.

Stay tuned for more information 🙂

Changelog :

  • Money bug with rich district merchant.
  • Screen text is bigger when using bigger UI option.
  • Message in street hooker profession to indicate this is some kind of a poc.
  • Background main menu.
  • Constraints creating player.
  • Garden bug.
  • Bedroom bug.
  • In tooltip during fight : display level.
  • Ambiguous events in brothel.


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