The Symposium is about teamwork

Hello dear players!
Here comes the final release focused on the Prostitute profession. You will be able to get to the Symposium for the last event.
You will be able to meet Kari, a one-of-a-kind woman who will play with you if you wander too much around the church district…
I am still working on the date/calendar manipulation in the game and it should be over for the next release. It was quite fun thinking and designing a whole new calendar, with new moons, days and months. For those who are perceptive, you can already see that the dates have changed and are correctly saved/loaded!
Anyway, I might have been to greedy with this feature but this little setback won’t stop me thinking about the next profession. There is a tie between slave and escort, so, like a real dictator, I hereby decide to focus on the slave profession. Joke aside, the reason is quite simple, gameplay and design are more advanced and it will add a profession without any prerequisite (escort needs the player to have cleared the complete prostitution profession).
Next is… Oh, yes. New patrons. Three in a week is quite amazing for me! I’d like to thank Samemax, Tequila and Adam for your new support. It means a lot to me, and you can be sure your pledges will be well used. The artwork commission is about to start. It is on time and the surplus will eventually be used to buy a second illustration when possible : )
As usual, fell free to share any feedback you may have on the game, or question, or anything else, I love hearing from you all!
Finally, I’d like to thank the players who sent me some corrected text through the ingame mechanism. I did not know it would work but I am glad it did. Many thanks to Tim, pornoi, anon and Andy : )


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