Sybille, the exhibitionist


Here comes the release of the week!

I am glad to say Sybille’s preparation for Symposium is over. You will explore her exhibition fetish. By the way, you will need luxury chocolate if you want to find a hidden scene with her…

And because Sybille is a lady, you will have access to a new area, which is the rich district, forbidden to those who are not worthy (but don’t worry, you can still sneak in).

I also added support for font styling directly into the text. You will see more and more italic, bold and colorfull text part. It may not be a big thing but it lays the groundwork for automatic text generation and… well, it is useful to me !

I made other small fixes, like confusing keybinding (for UI hiding), missing translations and typos.

By the way, the first artwork is on its way and should be done by next Sunday.

Finally, I’d like to thank Anna and Pandator for joining the community. Many thanks to you for supporting this game.


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