Home sweet home

Hello dear players!

I am glad to bring you a new release of Naohr.

This releases is focused on new features. Money boosts are correctly applied, that is to say, your money boost will increase what you win and decrease what you lose. If you find anything suspiscious, feel free to pm me!
I have finished the first room extension I wanted to do. Now you have several categories (inside, outside, basement room) and blueprints you can choose are restricted to specific categories. It will introduce garden area which will let you do fun things with humanoids. More on that later : D By the way you should be able to keep your previous saves. If this is not the case feel free to pm me!
Following the new room mechanism, I added new blueprints, tools and gloves. That’s not much but those tools will let you improve, from home your strength and stamina.
On the event side, I started reworking the existing events, for now I only fixed big inconsistencies and add time variants when you meet Cathy. Others will follow.

By the way, people directly made suggestion from within the game thanks to the community button (you know, the feather available each time a text is displayed). To you, Thank you so much. I fixed typos and wrong skill boost you picked up!
Finally, I added the hetero disable button. It should work fine BUT there is not any canonical path at the moment so you won’t be able to reach lv100 with lesbian or gay-only content.


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