Stretching your skills

As usual here comes the release of the week!

I mainly worked on events, and the canonical path to level 100 is finished. Now that it is over, I will focus on Symposium event and polish existing events to introduce variants.

You can find below the complete changelog :
* New places : sciences floor and Expression wing. Those locations can be explored from the school.
* Lectures for creativity and charisma. Others will follow.
* New quest to get a Sigil for the symposium, it takes place at the Blue Velvet. If you already did the Futanari quest, you won’t be able to do this one though.
* New events for Sybille, Prestor, Cathy and Tristan. Most of them have variable paragraphs depending on the number of time you saw them.
* 25 new clothes (at last something to cover you!)
* Speeding up starting time (by 30% on my computer).
* Typos (thanks to the unknown player sending me an ingame message!)

By the way, next month I should be able to buy the first illustration for Naohr (done by a freelance on freelancer). That’s a big step for the game! If you want to see more illustrations, feel free to join the tribe : )




4 thoughts on “Stretching your skills”

    1. Which footjob are you referring to? If you can see it, then you will be able to do it. If you do not meet the conditions for the event, you can hover over the button and what you are missing 🙂
      Femdom is done by Cathy and there are something like ten-ish events with her. All taking place at home, but with different tools. First events are automatically available. If you are a man, lv 20 is mandatory, no dom at the beginning, but it will escalate. For woman, it is lv 50 and is directly BDSM. Second tier starts at lv 70 but you will need a dungeon to get there.


      1. Thanks for the reply, liking the game so far.

        I’m referring to the second footjobdom image, I’ve found the first one as a scene but can’t find the corresponding scene to that one.


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