Hello everyone!

As usual here comes the weekly release.
A new event will let you continue your sexpertise journey and you will enjoy Prestor and Sybille a little bit more (until level 90).
I won’t lie to you, that’s all for the content but I did other stuff which were important :

  • Stability improvement (game should not become super slow anymore !)
  • Items have background color.
  • New screen displaying all stats and effects (at last!)
  • Lots of typos fixed thanks to Metalax.
  • Cheat sheet (but for patrons only) allowing you to get money or stats improvement.

Patreon public release



13 thoughts on “Stability”

  1. I saw that your game has futa in it, which I like. I couldn’t find it however. There was a place called Futanari Palace (not the website). An NPC was there which had a speech check, but I could never pass that check. There wasn’t anything else to do either.


  2. Thanks. I had transsexual turned off, so it didn’t appear.

    My next question is to raise expertise above 60. In your previous post you said I need Cathy as a client, a dungeon and a S&M bench. I have a dungeon with those items in it, but Cathy only appears in a love room. She never appears in my dungeon room.


    1. To go over lv 60, if you are a man, you first need to do the missionary job with Cathy in the love room. it will unlock Sybille and you will be able to go over lv 60 with her.
      Slap & restriction with Cathy in the love room will be immediately available once you see Cathy for the first time. Dungeon actions will be available starting at the level 70.
      For a woman, Prestor will get you higher than lv 60 and Cathy will be available starting at level 50 for slap & restriction, then at lv 70 for dungeon.


  3. Thanks for the replies. I do like this game but I’m still stuck. I have expertise and reputation 60/60 (I play as a guy).

    I have unlocked Sybelle but there were two problems. When I met her the first time, my expertise was too low so I couldn’t do anything with her. Thus I had to reload a savegame.
    But now I can do Doggystyle and Spooning. Doggystyle doesn’t give me xp. Spooning doesn’t raise my expertise since it’s stuck at 60.

    With Cathy, I’ve unlocked all positions but none give me more expertise.
    I have a big dungeon with a sling, S&M bench and S&M cross.


    1. Oh! Sorry, I did not understand. In order to extend the level cap, you have to witness several events :
      Did you see the one at home (after resting) with your character trying to summarize his knowledge and ending with “Maybe your old colleagues could give you an hand? They have a great sum of experience!” ? If you saw it, you should go to the Blue Velvet and speak with Astrid (she should show up there and give you an item you should try in your bed).
      If you already did that or did not see the first event at your place, maybe your save is not compatible with this version. In that case I can give you tricks to fix that.


  4. I have the same problem getting past 62 expertise, Astrid give me an item and i used it (the item raises onanism) but im still stuck.


    1. Hi !
      Is there a file called general.log located at the root dir of the game ? If there is one could you send it to me ? If not, could you try the procedures described in the Q&As ?


      1. Ok, then it is the file that should give me enough information to help me helping you : ) Could you send an email (or upload it directly to any sharing site) to my address given in the readme file located at the root dir of the game ?


  5. That worked. Thanks. Had to use it in my bedroom, not any other room.

    I’m looking forward to more futa/pegging content actually. Though for me, a futa is a third gender. Not a man or woman transformed. But that’s just my preference.

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