Good day to you dear players!

I am glad to bring you the 0.3.5 version of Naohr which will let you reach the lv 80 in the expertise/reputation.

To do so you will discover a much more dominant face of Cathy (but you will need a new room and a bench of tools to please her…) and a bitchier face of Tristan…

And let us not forget the vanilla sex with Prestor & Sybille : )

That’s 12 events added (with 12 failing counterpart) for this release, which is something like 4000 words.

You can find the complete changelog below :

  • tooltip & color were added when inputting the player’s name.
  • Balancing/fixing requirements and placeholder for cafe oral rape, bedroom masturbation with dildo and the scene with Anna in the farm.
  • new blueprint available at home: the dungeon.
  • Slight refactoring of the popup allowing one to pick up a blueprint.
  • Clarifying filters in settings with some more indications on where they apply.
  • Tuto for skill points and profession.
  • New items for some BDSM stuff (but very light!).
  • Disambiguation between skills and traits.
  • Introducing event placeholder so that specific text can be generated when the player had seen once, twice… the same event.
  • Introducing item placeholder so that items held by the player can be directly injected into the text.
  • Internal modification of save content keeping track of witnessed events

Known bugs :

  • The dungeon is a very dark background and items are not visible.


Releases :


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