Hello dear players,

What’s on the menu for today :

  • The main quest is introduced : a symposium will be held in town, you want to get in. You will have to work. (check the red light district when your expertise is greater than 30).
  • New event which unlocks sexpertise (40 to 60).
  • New explorable places : the Futanari palace and the prison.
  • The rent. You get a flat when you arrive in the city, but you can be sure the king won’t lend it to you for free.
  • The reprehensible behavior mechanism. It extends what I started with the authority encounter. Some of your actions will get you into jail for a day.
  • New encounters from home : Tristan
  • New choices with your clients for Prestor, Cathy, the gay dude (Tristan)
  • New client : Sybille.
  • Skill screen had been reworked.
  • New encounters. Tell me what you think about them : )

By the way, I used a new version of java. If you have trouble with the game you might want to update it too.



2 thoughts on “Symposium”

  1. Hi, just letting you know that the Xavier event can be repeated (it unlocked sexpertise 80 and then 100 – I did it two additional times). As the sexpertise can’t be improved above 60, my character is stuck with a 60/100 sexpertise. I wonder if it will become a problem if I load a save with 60/100 sexpertise in a new version of the game? I’ll definitely let you know once the new version comes out.


  2. Hi! thanks for the feedback : )
    I did forget the unique event condition.
    You can safely load your game with next versions as a new event will introduce the next tier. For you it will be 100-120 which won’t be of any use at the moment… but you will be able to enjoy the 60-80 events : )


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