Hello everyone,

The release of this week introduces the level 50 of prostitution profession, focusing on Prestor, Cathy and the couple George and Lilith.

You will find the first version of the encounter mechanism, which is quite simple (feel free to comment here on improvements ! Or if you just like where it is heading) as you will have to persuade your opponent with your skill set.

Lila, trying to get free from the Officers

The one and only available encounter is accessible when you are busted by the authority. It was expected since the homework for prostitute is illegal in Naohr. You will have to persuade the coppers to let you go. Failing to do so will let you experience the prison (for the moment, nothing… but there will be some place to visit there).

Encounters are a major milestone and I plan to add more of them, in different ways. Stay tuned!

As a side note, there won’t be any release next week-end. I will enter into a civil partnership with my girlfriend and I won’t have too much time to spend on Naohr. But I will be back on the next Sunday! : )



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