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Good day to you, dear inhabitants of Naohr!

Today you will be able to see a wonderful splash screen (you know, before the game is completely loaded…) and the usual disclaimers you usually find for that kind of game… Yup, it does not add a lot to the game itself but It is mandatory.

Secondly, you will get much more help to enable new actions and events as most of the conditions are correctly displayed now.

Finally, limit of prostitution is increased to 40 and include ~ new 14 events, 2 new traits (Futanari lover and the third tier of the Circus Freak).

Some events will need special conditions, I guess you will discover them quickly, but another one is fairly hidden as you will need to pick the teamwork trait to unlock a new meeting at home.

By the way, some players wish to have alternative ways to download the game, you can find those links right here.


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